Monday, March 17, 2008

How to check your video properties?

Many of us have problems converting videos. It's not straightforward. And when you ask for my help I always ask about your video. You should always be able to read what type of video you are dealing with before you start questioning why it doesn't work.

In many cases once you read your video properties it will become quite obvious why it doesn't play. As long as you know that compatible resolutions are:


So take these tips as an important step into figuring out what you need to convert in order to be able to use the video in your phone.

These are some useful ways to see the video file information in different players or applications.



ImToo 3GP encoder


DIVX player

Windows Media Player 11

Let me know if this post was useful. Since I use these tools all the time...

Until next time. Keep on watching...


Anonymous said...

of them which converter shows more accurate info?

El_loco said...

Hi anonymnous,

All players have "accurate"information. If you say which one has "more detailed" information then it would have to be SUPER.
Of course there may be other players that are better. I'm just talking about the ones I show in the post.

synoro1 said...

Mediainfo is a very good tool, but check Gspot also , which gives you information about video file metadata such as author, etc. :

El_loco said...


Hopefully future Nokia phones will have support for Video Metadata then this will be more useful.

At the moment I think there's no support for metadata.

Or do you have some information about this?

Anonymous said...

my N95 records MPEG4 video 640x480 at 27.85 (?) fps.
Is this PAL?NTSC? how can I import it to an Editing Program such as Premiere CS3?JM

El_loco said...

VGA @ 27.85 fps is neither PAL nor NTSC and for digital video editing you don't really care about PAL, NTSC or SECAM. It's irrelevant.

To use the video in an Editing Program then the Editing program has to be able to use MPEG-4 codec.

IF it doesn't then you need to convert the video to a video that the editor can use.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone care about SECAM??

Anonymous said...

my nokia 5310 xpressmusi doesnot play videos sent from other mobile phones but the nokia phones of my friends do ..
what should i do to make my nokia play videos from all phones ..

kindly help ..!!

El_loco said...

When you say "sent", do you mean MMS or BT or how are the videos "sent"?

5310 is a S40 device with limited video capabilities compared to S60 or Maemo devices.

So it all depends on what other Nokia devices your friends have.